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Survived the Finnish exam. Now we'll if I pass and actually get my B1 certificate...

In other news: I just got the results from an online Pisa-Test (that is: knowledge test about all kinds of things) that a famous German magazine ran. Took part in it a couple of weeks ago and ... let's just say that I sucked. I don't know shit about politics. Then again I've been living in Finland and they were talking about German politics. *hides behind that excuse*

And did I mention that the men are starting to go crazy? Warmth is coming back to Finland and they all get randy or something... My goodness!
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Exams? What exams? There are exams? I just wrote one? Really?
-____- Yeah, well, English exam was okay. I thought I didn't do bad, so let's hope I pass and preferably get a good grade. Like better than C. xP So, what am I doing when I don't study? ... Err, nothing, because I'm studying all the time. Or I'm at work. Or at uni. Or I'm sleeping. *sigh*
9 days until the next big exam! GAH! Need to hand in two term papers now, too, and a portfolio. Bah. Buuuut, at least I will see Max the Professor tomorrow again! <3
Managed to get my best friend to -finally- read OotP. Of course she knew what would happen to Sirius in the end (I didn't tell her!), but she still cried. :D Yay! I will make her a fan like me! And: HE IS NOT DEAD!!! *cough* Okay, enough of that. Need to go to uni early to do some studying done before classes start. Urgh.

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Soo *cough* I haven't been posting anything lately. Which you might have noticed. I am pretty busy with studying for my VERY BIG AND IMPORTANT exams. xP The first one is in 13 days and I'm very vaguely afraid of it. It'´ll be my English exam - 1 hour translation, 3 hours essay writing about one of three questions. Well, not really, since I'm not preparing for the third and not really for the second, despite having read the book. I suppose I could write about it. It's all in my head. But really, I'm putting my bets and hopes onto the Equus question. Yes, Equus. XD The play is pretty cool and I like the characters - in their very weird ways - so I will (hopefully) not find it hard to write about them.
And then, 10 days later, I will have my German exam. 2 hours Old German Literature (from the middle ages) with one question giving me the change to write about the topic I want to write about ("Minne" = courtly love) and one about either farmers, knights, monks or cities in the middle ages. And afterwards (yes, right after that) 2 hours about German linguistics, with 1 hour about general linguistics and 1 hour about language contact. *moans* But hey, I chose the subjects and they are actually pretty cool. It's just SO MUCH TO STUDY!!!
And lets not talk about the term papers that I have to write ... xP

Now onto something else: I have a job! :DDD It's in the accounting department of an insurance company and pretty nice. I'm working there on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays, my co-workers are nice and they have good desserts there. :P And the salary isn't bad either...

And to finish this up: Yay to [ profile] pornish_pixies being back! I will post my dirty little celebration-fic as soon as I can!
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Hello folks!
I thought it would be time for an update - I haven't done that for two weeks, after all. Life has been quite busy, unfortunately. With reading texts and even more texts for uni and going two weekend seminars (yes, that's right, Saturday and Sunday, uh-huh) there wasn't much time left and I devided that between learning for my first exam (New German Literature last Wednesday; it was okay. We had to answer three questions of four and I wrote about ten pages. Now I only have to hope that what I wrote is right. Heh. :P), working for my term paper (that I just have to finish in less than two weeks) and rp-ing a little bit on our fabulous news site [ profile] qaf_spunk (Spunk RPG -- Yes, Queer As Folk RPG, that's right) as well as on Mercy House Inc..
Right now I'm keeping myself busy with learning for a new exam (German Linguistics -- on Tuesday xP) and that term paper thingie. Yeeehaaaw. Oh yes, and my mother is sick so I'm taking care of her. Nothing extreme, just a evil, feverish cold with ague and loads of coughing.

Okay and now, just because I haven't yet let any blabber loose about it: Dan Radcliffe and his pics: I think they are quite yummy, but nothing extraordinaire. He has grown up, though, hasn't he? :P
And HP7 Book Release: Wheeee! I can't wait to read the new book - though I am quite afraid of what will happen to my favourite characters. So here is a list (yes, I am procrastinating) of the characters that MUST.NOT.GET.KILLED. ... OR.ELSE!!!

1. Draco. Because Draco is my Dracy-Poo and I am one of those people who would like to see him help defeating Voldemort OR finally get proof that he didn't try to kill old Dumbles (and stuff) because he wanted to, but because he had no choice. Which is totally what I think. Yes, I know that Draco is not a good guy, but he is not really evil, either. He is living in one of those nice grey shades of life. And, common, Draco and Harry belong together, so Draco mustn't get killed and therefore:

2. Harry. Simply because Draco needs him. :P And I like him. Duh. I mean, it's quite possible that he and Voldypants die in the end, but I'd rather prefer him to live - but not happily ever after with a certain red-head (because, common, James/Lily?). I heard Draco is available. ... *cough*

3. Fred and George. They mustn't die. I think they are my favourites in the series and to be honest, one would have to have a huge sponge to absorb all my tears and not have the room flooded if that happens *knocks on wood*. They have to both alive. Not only one, because that would be like having a part of your soul ripped from your body. I mean, I don't have a twin, but a younger sister and we are really, really close. If something would happen to her I would feel like that, so I imagine that Fred and George would too.

4. Snapey-Poo. I don't care what everyone says. He is my Snapey-Poo and I want him to survive. Sure, he is a snarky bastard and a right ass to Harry and yes, he did kill the old man (and probably other people too), but I am one of those people, who believe that he only did what the old meddler wanted him to do. Snape isn't a good guy - he wouldn't be able to spy on the DEs and Voldy if he were - but I want him to live. *mumbles* And then he could wash his hair and find someone -- if Draco doesn't want Harry, Harry might be available. *cough*

5. Sirius. Because: HE IS NOT DEEEEAAAAAD!!! *sobs* I want him to come back in the next book. To be honest I expected him to come back in book 6, but noooo, of course my wish got denied. <_< psh!


Dec. 17th, 2006 12:37 pm
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On the twelfth day of Christmas, me_midget sent to me...
Twelve xluciusmalfoyxs reading
Eleven calanthe_fics writing
Ten languages eating
Nine dreams dancing
Eight movies a-knitting
Seven cocktails a-talking
Six massages a-filming
Five bo-o-o-ooks
Four rollercoasters
Three computers
Two letters
...and an internet in a blaise/anybody.
Get your own Twelve Days:

To all of you who have an account on LJ that shows advertising on the side - is yours the Queer As Folk jewelery collection, too?
Eeeeee! I got twelve Luciusses! And - yay! - ficton from Calanthe! And - w00t! - books! BOOOOOOKS! I really like this thingy! ... and who am I getting them from? Me! Yeah, that's right!
Headache and Christmas )

Only three more days and then HOLIDAYS! w00t!

Friends... )
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Say hello to my first sunburn this year! I was out in the park and had a BBQ with my friends (yay, fire!) and got a slight sunburn. Ah well. Now I am tired (and well fed).
On the way back home we had a car race (w00t!) - though in between speed limits :P And we means Markus and Conny in Markus' car and Susanne, Andy and I in my car. I won. Go me!
Oh and the park: It was full of people! Masses of young people having BBQs. :D And of course Frisbee-, football- and soccer-players. Later there was a guy who spit fire and we had torches when it started to get dark. All in all (despite a money issue that doesn't need further explanation) a very nice evening.
By the way, did I mention that I have a cold? Evil now that the nice weather is here. Meh. *shakes fist*
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Okay, I'm caught up in meme-land again. And it's all [ profile] xmartyrdomx's fault!

Midget and Potions )

Now on to blabber about my life: I'm not as tired as I have been and very much enjoy being awake during lectures and seminars now. Go me! Studying old German is a really fun thing to do! :D And did you know that during the German era of romanticism the authors Tieck and Wackenroder, who were best friends, wrote letters to each other who would've made every Slash reader and writer squee? But that was the normal style to write someone you cared for and therefor didn't mean anything. At least not in that way. Not even when they argued about who loves the other more. XD
Today I gave another private lesson/tutoring - this time in Math and not in English. Money for Midget!
Also I have started to write more fiction and texts in German. Mustn't neglect that. I read one of those to my best friend and she started to cry, because she was so moved by it. I'm always glad when I get reactions like that (or reactions at all).
Today I'll go shopping and try to find a new pair of shoes for me! w00t! w00t!

So ...

Apr. 18th, 2006 11:19 am
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I didn't write anything interesting in here for a while and nothing really happened that was worth telling, but ... I cooked a huuuuge Easter meal. :D
We had honey melon cubes with bacon, meat broth, lamb with au gratin potatoes and green beans and Teh Strawberry-Meringue Cake! Huge thing! And so yummy. *dances*
And I'm skipping my German lecture, which usually is oh so boring that I fall asleep. ... Oh right, since I'm already talking about falling asleep: I got the results from my blood test. I'm completely healthy! w00t! That only leaves one problem: Why the fuck am I always tired? I sleep enough, I eat enough and I'm at least mildly interested in what the professors say. *sigh* I'll go back to drinking loads and loads of coke, I think. Maybe it's because my blood pressure is always a bit low. Who knows. *shrugs* Kay, enough with the blabber.


Mar. 3rd, 2006 01:35 pm
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Ooooh, do read this meme!

Click here.
Take the quiz.
Post your results.
See me_midget's results. )

I am soooo excited! I got invited to a job interview next Thursday. Lego Shop! Wheeee! I wanted to work there for a while now. Cross your fingers for me that I'll manage to get it. Another plus is: I get my family off of my back. They are all worried because I quit Chinese and stuff like that (though my mother and sister are okay with it) and I think that they think that I won't be able to get a job after graduating from the university. Teh Blah. If nothing works I'll go and work in a bakery. Or be a waiter. :P No, honestly, I still have 4 years before I have to decide. Looong time to pick out in exactly which field of work I want to go. Okay, enough with the blabber! Peace!

Oh and btw: I love my new webcam! (Even if Conny says it's not that good. It's from Logitec and it works. What can a human being want more?)
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I just noticed that most of my friends are welfare cases ... Niki gropes the whole time (and no, I don't like his hands on me, thank you very much), Jeff is so drunk that he needs to puke every time we go out and Susanne moons after a guy she hates (and she knows he cheats the whole time). Gah. Gah. Gah. I need a break from them. But. (evil little but) It's carnival and I want to go out. Teh Hell. I think I'll cling to my sister. *sigh*
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Well, last Friday I had an interview for a job and promptly got it. Me and my best friend help with an inventory for this week and the next. Money is good and I need it, though the job can be ... boring? Well, not exactly boring since I really have a lot to do, but it's strenuous. We're counting stuff (argh, I'm activating my brain!!!) - like at my first day: Candy and Cookies ... isn't that evil?! IU had to count this yummy stuff and couldn't eat it! And I was so hungry! >.< I have to get up at 4:30am, fetch Susanne with my car at 5:30am, enter the bus at the train station at 6am and then we (me and all the other people ... today we were 100 in total) get driven to the market were we have to work. Every day a new one. Thank God it's only three times a week. My hands are full of cuts and bruises and my muscles ache. Remind me ... Why am I doing this again? ... Oh, yes, the money. Ah well, the jobs not bad. In two days I earned more than 85€. Really not bad. Because: money = books + DVDs + travel + web-cam + party
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... at least when we're talking about fans.
me_midget went to see icehockey )

Oh, if you haven't checked [ profile] buttfacemakani out yet, you should definitely do so. She's awsome! Maybe I'll recommend more art later.
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I forgot what I wanted to write, so I'm going to write something else :P 1. I'm reading waaaaay to much mpreg. I love good mpreg. If a writer is good and can make the topic interesting and not too unbelievable I'm most likely going to read it. Since I'm addicted to reading. Anyway, I've been reading too much of it. Evidence for that is the incredible talent to spot pregnant women all over the place and me starting to think 'What if ...'. Somebody should give me more to read stop me.

And I have some of my pics that I wanted to show ... someone.

Lucius/Oliver )

On the Couch )

In the Snow )

Oh and did you notice that I changed to layout of my journal? Am still trying, though. And I'm still sick. Even sicker than before. Need to take my medicine. Meh.


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