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Hi friends,

I'm back from my trip to Spain! It was lovely and very relaxing - once we had arrived. Before that, our plane had more than 40 hours delay (we didn't wait the whole time and booked an earlier flight instead). And now I've caught the cold my friends had during our holiday and am currently sitting at home instead of tackling the mountain of work waiting for me at the office. My colleagues sent me home after looking at my sniffling self for half a day. Ah well.
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Just a quick heads up: I'm going on a much needed (brief) vacation for a week. There will be sun, a pool, beaches, food, basically no internet, and family and friends! <3 I'm very much looking forward to it and will hopefully return well rested, slightly fatter, much happier, tannednot sunburnt, and with tons of new materials (and maybe even one of the holiday fics).

Have a good one, folks, and stay save & smutty!
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Most days, it's really nice to cycle to and from work. I listen to my new favourite podcast "Harry Potter and the Sacred Text" (have you listened to it yet?) on Spotify, enjoy a bit of fresh air (as much as air can be fresh next to a busy street) and can leave work behind.

Today, however, there was hail. HAIL/. And, just for the record, I did not enjoy getting hit on the cheek and on my lip, no matter how little those stupid hailstones were.

New Media

Apr. 23rd, 2017 02:34 pm
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This weekend is busy - like they all are, kind of - but in a good way. Yesterday, we went to a flea market another town over and then had dinner & drinks with friends, today some other friends are coming over so we can finally finish season 5 of Game of Thrones (yes, I know, we're behind).

The new job is working out well and, though my commute is only a third of what it used to be and I have more "free" time on my hands, I barely have the energy to write or read. I do way more writing in my new job (press releases and e-mails, mainly), so I'm still getting used to this sapping off my creative juices.

I've also noted that my online behaviour has changed, what with mobile devices and everything. A couple of years ago, I had a really old TV and so, in order to watch Netflix etc., I had to switch on my computer. The moment I got home, I opened my laptop and spent the evening surfing, writing and watching TV. When I come home now, I a) have a boyfriend that I talk to (vs. living alone before) b) have a proper TV and a connected PS4 that gives me Netflix and Amazon on a big screen. And I rarely switch on the computer anymore (because I also game on the PS4). It's not only changed my usage of devices, but also how often I actually post on my journal and how often I write. To me, that feels strange. I wish there was a proper (Android) app that would allow me to post and comment here - it would make my appearances more frequent, I suspect. At the same time, I will have to finally kick myself in the butt to get back my writing groove.

Does anyone of you have any tips how to get back into writing more? And have you experienced a shift in your use of devices as well?
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Hiya all!

I know I've been absent (lost my password, busy with the new job, tons of stuff happening, got heavy-duty writer's block, and I just poured water over my laptop - hoping it will recover), but now that I've finally managed to log back onto LJ I see stuff about DW on my feed. What's happening? Are we all moving to Dreamwidth?

Also, sorry for going totally incommunicado over the last weeks.


Feb. 13th, 2017 12:56 pm
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I'll make it short. :)

- I'm good, just in sort of a writing-rut ATM
- I finally got a new job! Starting at the beginning of March, which is perfect. I'll be back at working at a PR agency again and I'm very much looking forward to that. Plus, the office isn't that far away, meaning I can ride my bike to work (vs. the previous commute via tram/metro/train where I contracted every damn cold that people had to offer). Yay!
- Boyfriend is doing better, health/back-wise. Things are almost back to normal.
- I just signed up for [ profile] snape_potter's Snarry A Thon! <3
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You might have heard about what happened in Berlin - just to let you guys know, I'm okay. I don't live in Berlin and my friends that do are all fine.

As one of them put it: It seems like the year is ending as awful as it began.

I'm shocked

Nov. 9th, 2016 09:20 am
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Now that the results from the election are in, I can barely find the words to express my feelings. I'm shocked, for one. I'm stunned and speechless. My Facebook timeline and our local media express the same sentiments. To my friends from the US: I'm sorry. I know most of you hoped for a different result.

First Brexit, now this. I can't say that I care much for this year.

A New Name

Oct. 26th, 2016 10:40 am
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Hi everyone!

I finally did it and changed my username. So, in case you're wondering who that [ profile] gin_biscuit person is: It's is me! The artists writer person writer formerly known as me_midget!

After more than 10 years and a lot of growing up, I found it was time to change the name. After all, I joined LJ on Feb 9, 2005 - that's 11 years, 8 months and 17 days ago! I was still in school back then. And so little. (Okay, well, height-wise I'm still little. Short. Whatever.)

As gin_tonic (my username on IJ and DW) was already taken, I thought it best to pick something close. Plus, the name is already part of my e-mail, anyway. Aaaand I really like gin. ;)

New name! Hooray!
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My sister and I are on a short, rather spontaneous holiday in a resort in Spain. It's wonderful and relaxinv here and I haven't got super bad sunburn. Yay! Currently, I'm sitting on our porch drinking beer from a can, like the lady that I am. It's half past six in the evening though. :D

Since I saw the Potter Meme, I wanted to participate:

Here's the meme )

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I'm working on a fest sign-up and started typing out my age for the age statement. And realised something: When I started out in fandom I was 18. EIGHTEEN. That was twelve years ago. I'm kind of flashed at that number. I mean, I know time passes, but I didn't really keep track of how long I've been doing this - writing fanfic, that is.

And even though I've been absent these last couple of months (for various reasons, including my job and my family and feeling a bit burnt out on the writing front), I still love it! I love fandom - the community, the writing, the creativity, the love for what we create. Aaaand I just needed to say this. Twelve years. Wow!
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Hello all! First things first: Have you seen the Halloween drabble that I got? [ profile] nimrod_9 wrote me a lovely little drabble - go read it here.

Second: I took today and tomorrow off to relax before my birthday. And to have some quality writing time. I managed to finished my fic for Snarry Swap and work some on my Nano fic, so all is good.


Oct. 30th, 2015 08:54 am
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You guys! Have you seen that Google is doing a little Harry Potter homage? They have a "2015 Global Candy Cup" with four little witches in Ravenclaw blue, Gryffindor red, Hufflepuff yellow and Slytherin green! Additional bonus points for Google for including, what appears to be, more than one PoC character. <3

I just played for "Slytherin". :D

Hot day!

Aug. 30th, 2015 07:52 pm
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Today we had another wonderfully sunny (and hot day). While yesterday was spent at the farmers' market, followed by some splashing around in a lokal lake (just one mosquito bite - whoo!), today we went to a open-air museum. Last time I was there I must've been like 12 or so. Seeing it with "grown-up eyes" was really nice! A lovely and well-curated spot - plus, we did something out and about in the sun. I loved spending my sunday like that!

Writing wise I didn't get much done the last couple of months weeks days. I still have to finish my BBTP ficlet thingy and then I'm continuing to write my entry for Mini Fest. Hopefully, I'll get that done before November comes around. And in between I'm re-writing an old NaNo-novel of mine. That one really needs some editing!
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It's been a while, right? I'm adjusting to this new "couple-life" and to what is hopefully soon become routine, but I'm haven't found my rhythm yet. Not only am I not living alone anymore, but I also started my new job last week. This means that a) I have "regular" (haha, yeah, right) working hours again and b) when I come home my first move isn't switching on my laptop anymore. Rather, it's cooking with the boyfriend or having a drink together on the balcony or rushing to meet friends. It's different - but so good. And while we still have to settle in and will have to find time for the stuff we usually did by ourselves (gaming, writing, fandom - for example), we're doing great, too.

Here's to new beginnings!
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Oof! We're done with the move and all our stuff is now in the new place. Internet is working, couch and bed are put up (and accessible) and the fridge is working too. Can't do any hammering or drilling until Tuesday (because it's Pentecost - bank holiday this Sunday and Monday), so we're on a mandatory break. Which is good, because my back hurts like a bitch. I'm obviously getting old. XD

But YAY we're done!

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I've neglected you again, my friends. Do forgive me - work (including a ginormously important client meeting yesterday) was so very busy and I'm also preparing to move. Because - YES - we found a place! It's properly nice, too, with two balconies and a room to use as a home office. And while it's close enough to friends and family (some of which can be reached within minutes by bike) and well connected by tram and bus, it's not too close, if you get what I mean.

Anyway, I'm packing up my place now and will move in four short weeks. Because I don't want to bring too much stuff to the new place, I'm trying Marie Kondo's method of discarding. It's certainly interesting... and I've several bin bags full of clothes that are waiting to be taken to a shelter and the flea market. I have to admit: I'm rather scared of having to start sorting through my babiesbooks.

Fandom wise the following is happening: I'm starting to writefinishing my Beltane story right now and will then go on a fest hiatus, I think. I'll still be writing, but I need to get used to my new every-day life before committing to any deadlines again. I'll have to be strikt with myself and not to give in to all those shiny fests.

Also: I finally bought myself more LJ-icon space. Yay! More icons!
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Yesterday I finally told my boyfriend what kind of fanfic I write. While he's probably not too keen on reading any Snarry, he didn't run screaming either. :P And when I asked him if he's weirded out by that, he just said "You're a writer. You write what you write." <3

Also, while I was back at work, he looked at a flat for us. Maybe, possibly, he found us a place to live in.
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So sorry there was no porny drabble from me on Porn Sunday. I was busy suffering from vertigo and a nice bladder infection. As I returned home (i.e. where my family and bf live - not where I live or work) as soon as my doc certified I was unfit for work ("no, stress, no people, no phones, no computer - at least not for work"), I at least had my boyfriend to take care of me. Instead of going out and meeting friends (as originally planned), we spent the weekend on the sofa, watching Sopranos. Not a bad weekend, of course. But then again I'd rather not repeat it while being sick.

Life, as always, is busy and stuff. But since I signed up for both Beltane and Snarry-a-Thon (of course, not Secret Snarry Swap, even though I surely will sign up for that again laaaater this year), you can expect a bit of fiction from me in the upcoming months. :D
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So. Okay. I went more or less completely AWOL. Sorry 'bout that, but holiday season prooved to be extra stressful thanks to pitching season at work. Instead of launching into a TL;DR, I'm just going to say: HOORAY, I'M ON HOLIDAY FOR 2 WEEKS NOW!!! This means drabble time galore for you guys! I have my coffee and I'll start writing now.

FYI: The next two days, I will spend cooking for most of the time, because I always cook an elaborate Christmas dinner. And do tell another cooking story: My bf's family has a gourmet food shop (*insert drooling here*) and is naturally busy during holiday season. Both of us helped out yesterday, but the bf is helping full time ATM. I got to play with live lobsters. :D


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