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Apr. 23rd, 2017 02:34 pm
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This weekend is busy - like they all are, kind of - but in a good way. Yesterday, we went to a flea market another town over and then had dinner & drinks with friends, today some other friends are coming over so we can finally finish season 5 of Game of Thrones (yes, I know, we're behind).

The new job is working out well and, though my commute is only a third of what it used to be and I have more "free" time on my hands, I barely have the energy to write or read. I do way more writing in my new job (press releases and e-mails, mainly), so I'm still getting used to this sapping off my creative juices.

I've also noted that my online behaviour has changed, what with mobile devices and everything. A couple of years ago, I had a really old TV and so, in order to watch Netflix etc., I had to switch on my computer. The moment I got home, I opened my laptop and spent the evening surfing, writing and watching TV. When I come home now, I a) have a boyfriend that I talk to (vs. living alone before) b) have a proper TV and a connected PS4 that gives me Netflix and Amazon on a big screen. And I rarely switch on the computer anymore (because I also game on the PS4). It's not only changed my usage of devices, but also how often I actually post on my journal and how often I write. To me, that feels strange. I wish there was a proper (Android) app that would allow me to post and comment here - it would make my appearances more frequent, I suspect. At the same time, I will have to finally kick myself in the butt to get back my writing groove.

Does anyone of you have any tips how to get back into writing more? And have you experienced a shift in your use of devices as well?


Feb. 13th, 2017 12:56 pm
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I'll make it short. :)

- I'm good, just in sort of a writing-rut ATM
- I finally got a new job! Starting at the beginning of March, which is perfect. I'll be back at working at a PR agency again and I'm very much looking forward to that. Plus, the office isn't that far away, meaning I can ride my bike to work (vs. the previous commute via tram/metro/train where I contracted every damn cold that people had to offer). Yay!
- Boyfriend is doing better, health/back-wise. Things are almost back to normal.
- I just signed up for [ profile] snape_potter's Snarry A Thon! <3
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I'm working on a fest sign-up and started typing out my age for the age statement. And realised something: When I started out in fandom I was 18. EIGHTEEN. That was twelve years ago. I'm kind of flashed at that number. I mean, I know time passes, but I didn't really keep track of how long I've been doing this - writing fanfic, that is.

And even though I've been absent these last couple of months (for various reasons, including my job and my family and feeling a bit burnt out on the writing front), I still love it! I love fandom - the community, the writing, the creativity, the love for what we create. Aaaand I just needed to say this. Twelve years. Wow!
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Hello all! First things first: Have you seen the Halloween drabble that I got? [ profile] nimrod_9 wrote me a lovely little drabble - go read it here.

Second: I took today and tomorrow off to relax before my birthday. And to have some quality writing time. I managed to finished my fic for Snarry Swap and work some on my Nano fic, so all is good.

Hot day!

Aug. 30th, 2015 07:52 pm
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Today we had another wonderfully sunny (and hot day). While yesterday was spent at the farmers' market, followed by some splashing around in a lokal lake (just one mosquito bite - whoo!), today we went to a open-air museum. Last time I was there I must've been like 12 or so. Seeing it with "grown-up eyes" was really nice! A lovely and well-curated spot - plus, we did something out and about in the sun. I loved spending my sunday like that!

Writing wise I didn't get much done the last couple of months weeks days. I still have to finish my BBTP ficlet thingy and then I'm continuing to write my entry for Mini Fest. Hopefully, I'll get that done before November comes around. And in between I'm re-writing an old NaNo-novel of mine. That one really needs some editing!
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Yesterday I finally told my boyfriend what kind of fanfic I write. While he's probably not too keen on reading any Snarry, he didn't run screaming either. :P And when I asked him if he's weirded out by that, he just said "You're a writer. You write what you write." <3

Also, while I was back at work, he looked at a flat for us. Maybe, possibly, he found us a place to live in.
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Anyone up to beta-reading a little less than 6k of Snarry (PG-ish)?
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A while ago I wrote a fic - "Grimmauld Place" - and it has an ambiguous, open ending. Now, this fic has attrackted quite some comments, but what really surprises me is how angry this harmless little fic makes some people.

Take this comment from a guest, for example:

"So what? They fucked - God knows why - not a word exchanged about that and then nothing? Snape died and Harry went on with Ginny? This story made no sense and was rather pointless, no plot and little porn. This is not an open ending, this is no ending and no actual story at all. It's like one scene cut out from somewhere and presented as a fic. Please try to think a little what you want to write about before doing it. You have a nice style of writing and it is nice to read so its a pity it made no sense :"

The part of me that really likes to argue with people would like to respond, but then that would probably just be me feeding the troll, right? Apart from that any argument would probably go over this person's head, as they obviously can't even grasp this open-ended story. Boo-hoo to you, dear anonymous guest.

Actually, this really makes me want to write another open-ended story and finish it with "and nobody knows what happens next because fuck you that's why". But I won't, because I have so many intelligent and lovely readers (like you guys!).
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So sorry there was no porny drabble from me on Porn Sunday. I was busy suffering from vertigo and a nice bladder infection. As I returned home (i.e. where my family and bf live - not where I live or work) as soon as my doc certified I was unfit for work ("no, stress, no people, no phones, no computer - at least not for work"), I at least had my boyfriend to take care of me. Instead of going out and meeting friends (as originally planned), we spent the weekend on the sofa, watching Sopranos. Not a bad weekend, of course. But then again I'd rather not repeat it while being sick.

Life, as always, is busy and stuff. But since I signed up for both Beltane and Snarry-a-Thon (of course, not Secret Snarry Swap, even though I surely will sign up for that again laaaater this year), you can expect a bit of fiction from me in the upcoming months. :D
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I don't think I've ever done this badly in a NaNo before. And this is my eighth or something. I've written around 15k and I don't think I have a chance of winning this thing this year. Not with my boyfriend visiting this weekend and with my schedule for next week. Strangely, I'm comfortable with that. Mostly, that's due to my RL writing buddies, half of who have written about as much as me and said they wouldn't be stressing out over managing 50k, since NaNo is supposed to be fun. And you know what? They are right.

And since the holiday season is about to start (!!!) and I'll be writing Advent Drabbles (yay!) every day, will be travelleling so. much. I think it's a good idea to finish November without the usual finger-cramping stress. So here's to a less stressful holiday season, full of fun times and happy writing. <3


Oct. 30th, 2014 07:58 am
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It feels actually strange to be where I am, writing-wise. I have finally managed to get my arse out of bed before seven in order to write. And not only are the creative juices floooowing in the morning - I actually like where this is going. Now, I know 6:30am isn't early for a lot of people. I have a friend who gets up at 5am in order to get some writing (especially for NaNo) done. But for me, it's early. I can get up at 8am and still get to work on time. So yay for me!

Speaking about NaNo: I'm participating again, of course. It'll be interesting to see how much writing I'll get done, what with me spending the weekends with the boyfriend and travelling quite a lot during November (so far it's only private travels, though. Yay!)

Other exciting stuff: My office is moving (not far though) and we'll have a new, fancy office that'll look more like what people expect when the walk into a PR agency. Everyone is very excited. Plus, we'll be in an open-plan office from now on. I used to share my office room with two guys only, so this'll be interesting. Not my first time in an open-plan office though.
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1. I was on what feels like a dozen trips lately - business and private. Now I'm spending a weekend at my own place again - boyfriend has to work. I'm pretty sure I don't like it, but at least I get to cook and bake again.

2. I want to lose a couple of pounds and have signed up for Weight Watchers. I did the program a couple of years ago and it worked for me.

3. Since I was so fucking busy, I completely failed at getting anywhere close to finishing my Harry Big Bang fic on time. And, for the first time in ever, I had to admit defeat. Maybe I'll finish this fic one day, but this round of BB isn't it.

4. You might have noticed that I reposted my entry for the Road Not Taken fest over at [ profile] snape_potter. (BTW: YAY!) Since I was doing that, I checked what I wrote this year. It seems... so little. Sure, my weekends are suddenly filled with activities what with having a bf, but it still feels a bit weird. How do you guys write so much and still have partners and families?

I also noticed that many of my recent fics weren't on AO3 - they are now. If you want to take a look: they are here.
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Anyone up to beta-reading a 1,500 word long fic? It's a quick NC-17 Snarry. You would earn a shiny drabble and loads of gratitude!
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Yes, I know, it's always them same with me saying that whoops I didn't post anything in a long time and that I'll try to be better. This is one of those times. Work and RL are pretty demanding right now, but at least I'm writing again. That's right, folks, I might even do without getting a lot of extensions. Yes, you read that right. My shiny new iPad (the bf got it at a nice reduced price for me and we now have matching iPads - his cover is black, mine is violet. We are adorable. Obviously. ;P) helps a lot with writing - I can type away while on the bus or on the train to and from my hometown.

Also, realising that sometimes you have to kick that long-ass plot bunny in the head and go with the smaller, probably less fluffy version is the healthy choice, because I'm awesomely good at stressing myself out over things that are actually fun.

Anyway, much blabla and everything: I got the LJ app on on my iPad-thingy and will try to be better. At least somewhat. When I'm not busy frolicking and skipping around, holding hands and stuff.

Oh, and BTW, I'm seeing a lot of Christmassy themed stuff on my flist (yes, I'm looking at you, [ profile] snape_potter and your Secret Snarry Swap prompts) - now I don't have to feel weird anymore about already planning Christmassy stuff!


Nov. 28th, 2013 12:17 am
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Just a short FYI: NaNo is kicking my butt and my day job is also not doing anything to ease the stress (who would've thought *rolls eyes*).

I still have some autumn drabbles I want to post before the [ profile] adventdrabbles season starts - hopefully you can expect them by Saturday. As for Friday: Don't forget BJ Friday!!! I'll definitely play, despite everything, because BJ. And because of [ profile] torino10154, of course. <3


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